About - Elvira Peretsman Photography

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in my photography. I am the person behind the camera – Elvira Peretsman. In my photos, you can catch a glimpse of how I see the world. I love exploring unique locations around the globe and am mostly engaged in travel photography. My other photography interests are nature, architecture, and art, among others.

I have been passionate about photography since my middle school years, when I passed many hours in the darkroom toiling over black-and-white photo  processing. I kept up photography as a hobby in my adult years although my occupation was in software development. Life changed when I unexpectedly was laid off from the company where I had worked for many years. I had mixed feelings about this major life event. In a fortuitous example of unintended consequences, though, I realized that I finally had the time to take my hobby to a totally different level. So, here I am, fully focused on advancing my photography skills and capturing the world around me – and sharing it with you.

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